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Aracion’s RF shield enclosures redefine excellence, offering unparalleled RF isolation, customizable features, and robust construction to meet the diverse needs of modern applications. With superior shielding up to 120 dB from 0.1GHz to 110GHz, our boxes are ideal for RF testing, wireless communication device analysis, and beyond. Experience reliability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness in one compact solution.

Contemporary RF shield enclosures demand exceptional RF isolation, comprehensive spectral and application coverage, durable construction, and versatile customization options to address the exacting needs of a wide range of applications.

At Aracion, we take pride in our consistent delivery of RF shield boxes that not only excel in providing the highest levels of RF isolation and performance but are also tailored to meet the specific and demanding requirements of our customers, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Applications :
• RF Testing
• Wireless Communication Device Testing
• lof Device Testing
• Mobile Device Testing
• Research and Development
• Compliance Testing

Key Specifications :
• Reliable High RF Shielding up to 120 dB from 0.1GHz to 110GHz
• Dimensions, Filters and I/Os can be customized
• Customizable absorbers and accessories
• Compact design to test multiple DUTs

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