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Introducing Aracion’s Antenna Masts, offering versatile solutions for military, communication, and various other applications. Our masts are engineered for durability, precision, and safety, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Military Applications:

Aracion’s telescopic masts are designed to meet military requirements, available in anodized or custom-painted finishes. Whether pneumatic for heavy loads and significant heights, electromechanical for precise extensions, or manual with tripod for field use, our masts provide flexibility and robustness.

Communication Applications:

Ideal for the communications sector, Aracion’s masts have been integrated into special vehicles and equipped with transmitters, cameras, and antennas. With automatic locking systems ensuring operational safety, our masts offer stability and reliability for various communication setups.

Lightweight Masts

Aracion’s Lightweight masts provide an economical solution for mounting small equipment. These masts, extendable via hand pumps, come with options for internal electric cables for powering small accessories, providing convenience and versatility.

Without Internal Cable : Available in diameters 66, 80, and 101mm, extendable from 2m to 20m.

With Internal Cable : Offered in diameters 52, 66, and 80mm, extendable from 2m to 8m.

Portable :All-in-one solution for immediate lighting needs, easily transportable and functional in any situation.

Masts for Medium Antennas

Aracion’s masts with manual locking systems are designed for lifting and maintaining heavy equipment for extended periods. With options for steady and non-steady configurations, these masts ensure stability and reliability, meeting high standards of performance.

Steady : Available for masts from Ø77 to Ø250mm, with maximum loads of up to 270 kg and heights up to 40m.

Non-Steady : Offered for masts from Ø115 to Ø340mm, providing heights up to 40m.

Masts with Automatic Extensions

Aracion’s pneumatic masts with automatic locking systems offer efficient operations without manual intervention. With fully automatic or semi-automatic options, these masts provide ease of use and accelerated setup times.

Super Steady Full Automatic : Equipped with electro-pneumatic steering system and integrated safety features, operated via electronic control box.

Super Steady Semi-Automatic : Features a semi-automatic locking system for quick and efficient setup.

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