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Crafted with cutting-edge technology and fortified with premium anechoic materials, Aracion’s EMC chambers establish unparalleled testing environments for precise and consistent results.We deliver solutions that effectively shield nearly 100% of ambient emissions while minimizing internal radiation reflections, providing shielding effectiveness greater than 80 dB.

Semi- Anechoic Chamber

Aracion's Semi-Anechoic Chambers provide controlled environments for precise electromagnetic testing. With specialized absorbers on walls and ceilings, they're ideal for EMC Testing on smaller products and ensuring compliance with Radio Directives. Aracion's innovative design ensures tailored solutions, meeting the highest standards in precision testing.

Frequency Range : 30 MHz-18/40 GHz

Applications :
MIL STD 461/MIL STD 464/DO-160
Radio Directive Compliance Antenna Testing
Wireless Communication Devices
Automotive Electronics
Aerospace and defence.

Full Anechoic Chamber

Aracion's Full Anechoic Chambers recreate free space conditions by enveloping all surfaces, including the floor, with specialized absorbers. This configuration is ideal for conducting EMC Testing on compact products and testing compliance with Radio Directives. Aracion's innovative approach ensures a tailored environment that meets the highest standards in precision testing for electromagnetic compatibility.

Frequency Range : 10 KHz-18 GHz/40 GHz

Applications :
MIL STD 461 / CISPR-12/25
Antenna Pattern Measurement
Wireless Device Testing
Radar Cross Section (RCS) Measurement
Radio Frequency (RF) Propagation Studies
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing

Reverberation Chamber

Meticulously crafted to meet the demanding requirements of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing across diverse industries. Designed with precision in mind, Our Reverberation chambers boasts uniform field distribution, covering a wide frequency range for testing various electronic devices. The adaptive stirring system enhances field uniformity, accommodating versatile configurations based on specific testing needs.

Frequency Range : 10 KHz-18 GHz/40 GHz

Applications :

Automotive Chamber

Aracion's Automotive Testing Chambers are engineered to meet the demanding standards of the automotive industry, setting new benchmarks in automotive testing while offering a versatile and controlled environment for comprehensive testing. These chambers provide an all-encompassing solution for ensuring the durability and reliability of vehicles and their components.

Frequency Range : 10 KHz-40 GHz

Applications :
Vehicle Durability Testing
Component Testing
Climate and Environmental Testing
CISPR 12/25

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