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Explore the innovative features of Aracion’s defence and Aerospace Solutions, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of military and aerospace testing requirements.

Key Features:

Rigorous EMC Testing : Ensures adherence to MIL-STD-461 for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and DO-160 for environmental conditions in aerospace testing.

Flexible Configurations : Adaptable designs cater to a diverse array of military and aerospace testing scenarios, offering versatility in testing setups.

Advanced EMI Shielding : Incorporates cutting-edge electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding technology to create a controlled testing environment.

Environmental Control : Maintains precise control over temperature variations and mechanical vibrations, meeting the rigorous conditions specified in DO-160.

Industry Applications:

Military Electronics : Validate the electromagnetic compatibility of military electronics and communication systems, ensuring optimal performance in critical defence applications.

Aerospace Components : Assess the functionality and reliability of avionics, radar systems, and other aerospace components in controlled testing environments.

Aviation Systems : Ensure the resilience and performance of aviation systems under diverse environmental conditions specified in DO-160.

Aracion's defence and Aerospace Solutions epitomize precision and compliance in military and aerospace testing. With customizable configurations, advanced EMI shielding, and meticulous control over environmental variables, these solutions provide the ideal platform for guaranteeing the reliability and functionality of equipment in demanding defence and aerospace applications.

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They trust in us!

They trust in us!