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Kivalo: Aracion works with some of the great minds to bring to the market the health products which will not just by any health product but cares for you when you need it the most. Kivalo , Hungarian word which means EXCELLENT, our goal is to get excellent health products to the market for our customers as they deserve nothing but excellent.


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Kivalo Fit: Fitness watches with 60 days’ battery. K Fit, a complete fitness tracker to make you KivaloFit. KFit tracks your steps, running, cycling, swimming, dynamic heart rate and sleep.The device uses uses high precision sensors and advanced algorithm to deliver the fitness statistics you deserve. You server to be Kivalo Fit not Bit Fit


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K Health: Five in one palm-sized health device which would measure Heart Rate, ECG, Body Temperature, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure.The product is already in the clinical trial and has received CE Medical Approval, CE Medical: ISO 13485:2012. The device uses uses high precision sensors and advanced algorithm. We firmly believe this product would revolutionise the future of Tele Medicine. Through the app which is compatible with IOS and Android it is easy to track and manage healthy data.



In-Spire: Aracion has worked with Origami Automation to bring to the market Portable Affordable Respirator Product. The team of Origami has worked tirelessly to bring a product which is affordable and efficient. IN-SPIRE portable respirators are designed to be a complete ventilator which is small, economical and easy to use. An IN-SPIRE respirator combines the state of the art flow, pressure and oxygen sensor to precisely and reliably calculate the air going to the patient. With the advanced algorithms It makes sure that the device is always working and the patient safety is safeguarded against failures.

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