RF Shield Enclosures

Shield Boxes: Our designs and technologies have become the industry standard for efficient and cost-effective RF isolated device testing. Today, with over 20 standard models to choose from (and thousands of available custom configurations), our commitment to excellence in RF shielding doesn’t stop with our existing enclosures. Rapid changes in wireless technologies, frequency bands, and speed protocols make old standards obsolete every day, but at Aracion, we want our customers to be prepared for the future.

Models and I/O devices designed around tomorrow’s standards are available now, with new innovations constantly under development. From wireless chip set R&D to global digital forensics to RF finished goods performance testing, we have RF shielded test enclosures and I/O devices to meet your needs without breaking the bank. And, if your application requires a custom size or additional functionality, we have you covered there too. From one-off engineering specials to large custom production runs, Aracion has designed and delivered hundreds of custom units at record speeds—and well within customer budgets.

In addition to our RF test enclosures, we also offer the latest I/O devices to keep your RF test environment well isolated. Whether your application is an Aracion RF test enclosure, third-party test unit, or RF screen room, our high-quality I/O devices and interfaces provide the isolation you need for the RF technologies of the present—while making sure you are ready for the future.

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Our boxes provide interference testing for:

– Cellular – PCS, GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE
– WiFi 802.11 – all series
– WiMax, Bluetooth, RFID, IoT
– EMI, RFI test, Part 15
– Susceptance, emission, radiation
– FR1, FR2, mmWave

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