Commodity Sourcing & Procurement

There’s no getting away from the fact that some of the IT you need just doesn’t require too much thought. As such peripherals, consumables and other items you can buy against pre-agreed criteria rightfully fall into the commodity category. We make commodity sourcing and general IT procurement simple and cost effective.

If you’re looking to standardise more of your IT procurement and ‘commoditise’ as much of your IT as possible, we can help. Sourcing IT as a commodity to drive down cost is not a new phenomenon but does require an IT partner to offer product breadth and a know how to leverage the very best savings. Our ability to source literally any product on the market, and a knowledge base built up over years, is hard to match.

When it comes to commodity sourcing, we can help you standardise on products, software and services that meet the needs of your user community whilst providing you with affordable and flexible means of IT procurement, ensuring supply when you need it most.

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