Every industry relies on the semiconductor sector. Electronics permeates every aspect of our lives; from the machines we work on to the cars we drive to how we entertain ourselves. It underpins almost every established technology and will drive the technologies of the future. It’s also a mature market with a trend towards consolidation and narrowing margins.

The next generation interface standards are pushing the limits of today’s compliance and debug tools. We carry the tools that you need to do Serial Design and Debug testing of USB 3.1, PCIe G3, Thunderbolt3, DisplayPort, DDR and other digital interface standards.

We can provide Oscilloscopes, Bit Error Rate Testers, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Protocol Analyzers and Exercisers, Network Analyzers as well as the software needed to validate and debug your digital designs from some of the major test equipment manufacturers. We have the tools needed for both transmitter and receiver testing.

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