RF Chambers

Chambers: Our full line of chambers has been proven in testing applications for decades. We offer bespoke turnkey solutions that meet our customers’ manufacturing demands; our chambers form the basis of your test environment needs. Shielded chambers and absorber chambers provided by Aracion deliver outstanding, reliable performance tailored to your requirements. Our in-house team designs the chamber with and for you, developing the ideal solutions with tailored performance. The modular system means we can adapt the chamber efficiently if your requirements change. We provide the following type of chambers:

Turnkey EMC Anechoic Chambers
Compliant and pre-complaint chambers
5G test chambers
Military test chambers
Automotive CISPR12/25 test chambers
Antenna measurement chambers

Faraday Cages & Shielded Rooms
RFI/EMI shielding (Faraday cages)
High-voltage laboratories
Conducted EMC chambers
Control and amplifier rooms
Shielded cabinets

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