IT Infrastructure

At Aracion, we believe that any IT infrastructure or IT systems are at their most effective when all of the elements work perfectly with each other. With the ever-increasing choice of components and devices, and the cross-over in the function that they fulfil, effective system design has become just as much an art as it is a science. And keeping track of new developments is a full time role in its own right. We have extensive experience building IT infrastructure solutions covering server, storage and virtual environments working with many of the world’s leading IT vendors:

With the onset of big data, mobility and cloud, the needs of IT are changing. Meeting the challenge requires innovative ways to respond to business needs, greater flexibility, faster technology innovation and providing greater business value. Our consulting and managed services deliver the resources and capabilities required to assess, design, build and manage an agile, flexible IT environment.


At Aracion we are strong supporters of Virtualisation, our expertise ensures we maximise the benefit of Virtualisation. We have an experience in the IT virtualisation field, and work hard to stay at the forefront of this arena. By introducing virtualisation to your PC environment, using a variety of technology options you can make use of low-cost devices and increase control over the desktop.


Whether you are looking for your first business sever, something to keep your business data safe or looking to expand with the help of virtualisation. We’ll get the best fit for your needs.


With the continuous electronic data growth we face everyday challenge of how we store, archive and backup data. At Aracion we will help you in the choice, set-up and implementation of your storage solutions to ensure it meets the current and future demands of your business and IT infrastructure.

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