Facility Management

Aracion’s facilities Management services are conceptualized to ensure quality ministration to its clients with an effective upkeep of buildings, plants and machineries. Our in-house professionals deliver top-notch services for our clients that provide integrated cost-effective solutions.

Our operations are environmental friendly, all legal and statutory requirements on Labour, Health and Safety are followed. Demand for our services continues to be driven by the ongoing trend towards outsourcing non-core activities in both the private and public sectors. In challenging business environments, companies are under increasing pressure to deliver cost savings as well as improvements in productivity and reliability. By outsourcing non- core activities to Aracion, our clients are able to focus on core benefits. While Aracion Services has an extensive geographic presence, our focus remains on providing a tailored solution for each of our clients. Aracion is in the enviable position of being able to further expand its horizons as a leading provider of performance-based outsourcing solutions.

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