Together We Can

2020 to people affected with Covid-19

These are challenging times for everyone, as the threat posed by the COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus presents a truly unprecedented challenge around the world. At Aracion, we are committed to doing our part to help the local community in the locations we have our presence. Our main aim is to help the Corona Virus Warriors who are fighting this battle at the front line so that we can stay safe. Apart from them there are many families across the globe who are finding it difficult to even have one meal a day. Our resources might not be enough to help all of them, but we can assure we have the determination to help and contribute as much as we can. Aracion is directly working with the local charities and community to ensure the our helping hand can be held by people in distress at earliest! We strongly believe we have to perform our Social Responsibility and the credit of working towards this cause goes to our Aracion family which consists of our employees, stakeholders, customers, vendors or anyone associated with us directly or indirectly.

If you feel someone in your local community needs a helping hand at the earliest, kindly reach us at info@aracion.com with the relevant details. We would be glad help them to the best of our ability

Our Vision

“To contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society across the globe.”

Our reasoning

We work in a society which is interlinked and interdependent. But when it comes to company profits it often does not find its way beyond the stake holders. We often say our company does the charity by helping different charities. We believe a charity should not be a charity but a Corporate Social Responsibility. By performing our social responsibility we are not helping others but develop a strong society which would only help us and our generations to come. Performing Corporate Social Responsibility should not be done for the sake of attaching our company name but to build a strong society. If we give a hungry man food for a day, he will eat it and the next day he would be hungry again. In this situation we have not performed our social responsibility at all rather we should teach him and help him with finding the way of being self reliant. This way he would feed himself and his family for a life time.

How we fulfil our Social Responsibility

It doesn’t matter how much we give to society, what matters the most is how,what and where. Through our identification mechanism we evaluate the section of society which could benefit the most from our work or expertise. We have decided that every year we would select one section of the society where our Aracion Family would work and contribute throughout the year to help make it more stronger.

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