Bespoke CCTV Solutions

Versatile and profitable

In retail environments, we can integrate CCTV and EPoS systems to reduce transaction overheads and eliminate leakage by tagging suspect transactions and providing CCTV evidence. This technology can pay for itself quickly and go on to deliver significant savings. As part of this service we can retrieve and store data ‘down the wire’, process it, and provide detailed reports covering EPoS, credit card transactions, VoIP communications and CCTV feeds.

With our partners, we design and install sophisticated CCTV installations for schools, colleges and hospitals, protecting staff and students and helping to track visitors. These systems can also be used to monitor and protect assets, and manage secure access to critical areas. Within the gaming industry, this partnership has also gained an excellent reputation for delivering a very high standard of facial recognition under the most difficult lighting conditions.

Many people see camera systems purely for security and protection, but we see the technology for more than it is. We design the solutions inhouse as a unique educational teaching aid and classroom tool. Incorporating IP cameras, HD audio recording and advanced databases we can provide a solution with many uses, teacher self evaluation, improving teaching methods and techniques, teacher assessment tool, student self-assessments and even show others how you teach for knowledge sharing and teaching techniques and strategies.

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