5G Test Solutions

5G or 5th Generation mobile network standards are aiming for higher network capacity, greater bandwidth, lower latency, and less battery consumption for better implementation of IoT applications. The range of uses driven by 5G networks in the future includes some of the most sought-after technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), wireless broadband, health wearables, and smart homes.

With increased smartphone penetration bringing internet access to millions of people across the world, wireless broadband will be a key focus area for developers of 5G-ready applications. While 5G has the power of advanced signal processing, it is yet to be seen determined how well 5G networks use higher frequencies.

Today, the technologies that will constitute 5G equipment are still in development and that is the biggest challenge in 5G research. There is a wide range of enabling technologies in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies under evaluation. Flexibility will be key in 5G research.

Developing a reliable hardware backbone for carrying traffic on 5G networks is yet another challenge that will require reliable 5G test equipment, especially in trial deployments. Innovators need the latest in 5G equipment while optimizing budget spend. This is where we come in.

Aracion stocks a vast selection of 5G electronic test equipment for current and developing telecommunication applications. Whether you’re working on Ethernet and microwave backhaul, installing LTE, LTE-A or WLAN networks, or testing base stations, our applications engineers will ensure you get the right 5G device test equipment for your project. From oscilloscopes and signal analyzers to vector signal generators, network analyzers and power meters, we have you covered.

We offer variety of 5G test equipment at favourable terms for rent, lease to buy or purchase. We offer short and long-term full-service leases, rentals, rent-to-buy options, and pre-owned equipment sales. To update your inventory with the latest technology, check out our convenient trade-in programs.We provide 365-day, 24/7 customer service, and ship 5G network test equipment with minimal lead-time.

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